ItemDescriptionPrice (Lunch/Dinner)Spicyness
Pot StickerChewy rice dumpling stuffed with chicken and vegetables. Served with a ginger soy sauce.5.95
Spinach Pot StickerChewy spinach dumpling stuffed with vegetables. Served with ginger sauce.5.95
Chicken or Beef SatayBarbequed skewers served with our homemade peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.5.95
Siam RollsCrispy Vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet and sour sauce.5.95
Shrimp in the BlanketWhole shrimp stuffed with seasoned ground chicken wrapped tightly in a delicate egg skin, deep fried, served with our plum sauce.5.95
Summer RoolsFresh rice paper roll filled with shrimp, vermicelli, basil leaf, carrot, served with special sauce.4.95
Devil WingsChicken wings fried to a golden perfection with authentic Thai sauce.5.95
Shumai(steamed or fried)Shrimp and vegetable dumpling served with a ginger soy sauce.4.95
Tofu TrianglesFried tofu triangles served with a sweet and sour sauce, topped with crushed peanuts.4.95
EdamamaSteamed Japanese green soy bean, sprinkled with salt.4.95
Soft Shell CrabCrispy deep fried soft shell crab, drizzled with mango salsa7.95
Vetegable TempuraAssorted vegetables deep fried in a light batter served with sweet and sour sauce.5.95